Google Classroom

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This is the topic for the December 17th faculty meeting at HHS:

Google Help Tutorial

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Flipped Classroom

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This is the topic for the February 18, 2016 faculty meeting.
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Flipped Classroom Video Sources

Khan Academy
TED Talks
Crash Course - PBS
Teacher Tube
Flipped Learning Eduvision
Gooru - search engine

Tools for Recording Your Own Videos/Tutorials

iPad apps: ShowMe (free), Explain Everything, Haiku Deck, iMovie (free), ScreenChomp
iMovie (Apple)
Windows Live Movie Maker (PC-can be installed for you)

Other Resources:

Edpuzzle - link to a YouTube video, decide what sections of the video to show, add questions as you go
Formative Assessment Tools


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Additional iPad Resources

Mirroring Your iPad Using your Mac Computer

Use the charging cable to connect the iPad to the computer. On the iPad and computer you will have to follow the prompts so that the computer is "trusted" by the device. Open Quick Time. New - Movie Recording. Next to the red dot you will see a list of cameras, the Mac's built in one is selected. Use the iPad instead. Within a moment you should see your iPad screen displayed on your Mac.

The One iPad Classroom

One iPad, no problem! Here are some resources for managing one iPad in your classroom!

There's An App for That

How do you find apps that best meet the needs of your students? Here are some helpful review sites:

The Appy Ladies
Fun Educational Apps
Teachers With Apps
AppAbled (for special needs community)
Smart Apps for Kids
Top Kids Apps
iPad Insight
Best Kids Apps

Evaluating Apps

Tony Vincent offers this rubric for evaluating apps for educational purposes:

Kathy Schrock has some great resources here: