For several years we piloted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program in many of our classrooms. Teachers and students were able to take active engagement to a new level, harnessing the power of having a mobile device at their fingertips.

Students began to use websites apps like StudyStack and Quizlet to study and even used the Evernote app to take notes digitally. Here is a list of resources we used during BYOD:

The BYOD program was such a success that we moved forward and provided iPad minis to the class of 2017 last year. We introduced an ebook for Civics and Government at the same time. This program grew organically. Teachers from many disciplines embraced the technology and students were using their school email and google drive to submit work electronically, taking digital notes in Evernote, which are accessible from any internet capable device, creating iMovies and that was just the beginning.

Because of the success of that program, all students attending HHS will receive an iPad mini.


What is One to One? Why should schools implement the program.