What is an Apple ID?

This is a unique username and password that connects you to all of your work created on the iPad.

Why is WHSD suggesting students in grades 9-12 have one?

Apple IDs are used to:
  • automatically back up and store your data using iCloud
  • Keep iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) documents up to date between devices and on the web
  • enroll in iTunes U courses and take notes in iBooks
  • receive app licenses and redeem codes for textbooks, purchased on the student's behalf by WHSD
  • Locate lost or stolen iOS devices or Macs with Find my iPhone

How can I create one without attaching a payment method?

It is possible to create an Apple ID with attaching a credit card. Follow the link below and DO NOT skip any steps.
***We are finding that it is much easier to do this on a computer. If you have access to a computer with iTunes, use that option. In case you don't want to read through all of the directions, just follow these steps:

On a computer:
*Open iTunes
*Go to the App Store within iTunes
*Search out a free app, such as Pinterest.
*Click GET+
*Click the "Create an Apple ID" box and set your Apple ID up this way. When you do this, you get the option NONE as a payment source.
*Create the ID
*Check your email to confirm

On an iPad:
*Go to settings
*Go to iTunes and App Store
*Click on the school Apple ID and choose SIGN OUT.
*Sign in using your Apple ID.